PostGIS online

Maybe you have seen it, it has been up and running for a few weeks now, but now it is also starting to take shape as I want it. What?…, a site for testing, training and showing PostGIS.

It is a web site with the intention to make it possible to find the power in handling spatial data in a relational database environment. You can write any SELECT statement against the database that PostGreSQL/PostGIS latest releases support and get the answer back as a table or as a map if it includes spatial data in a field named “the_geom”.

It is also possible for anyone to write tutorials and run them through the site. The tutorial can present a text, a sql-code, a background picture and a background map for each page. This concept have to be further developed but I think it is a good start and I hope it will be used to show the capabilities of PostGIS. I will use it to continue writing about “How to use the new distance functions”. An instruction, how to write tutorials will show up in the documentation area of the site. So far I have written two of them that can be found here

The spatial functionality is done with MapServer showing tables created by the sql query written by the user.

So, this is a first version. I hope that it will be used and maybe it can become a project with more people involved. There is a lot of functionality that can be added like PL/R with some way to show diagrams and pgrouting and some way to show WKTraster.

Oh, yes the logo…. It is a creation made by my wife 🙂

Welcome !

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