Ship to Gaza

This is not a blog post within my usual area, but since I think this initiative Ship to Gaza seems like an truly humanitarian project I would like to do what I can to put the light on what is happening right now in the Mediterranean sea. On board the ships are besides supplies like medical equipment and building material,  many hundreds of people supporting the sake like parliamentarians, and activists, both Muslims and Jewish among others.

There is a lot of blogs out there following what is happening, but I don’t know which of the English blogs to consider trustworthy so do a search yourself to get more information.

What is happening right now is that Israeli military are following the ships and have promised to stop them. That I have read on a Swedish blog post from one of the boats, but the same blog also send posts in English. A lot of things are happening right now.

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  1. Is there information about a way to make israel to do not stop the supplies ships?

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