The future of

Is there any interest from someone to support or take over the site


About 3 years ago I started It is a site that aims to help people, finding the beauty of spatial sql.

It still has between 300 and 600 unique visits per month and many of the visitors actually looks around on the site and stays for a while. I think that is quite good for a site that has not been refreshed for a few years and doesn’t contain any nudity.

The site runs at a linode virtual server which costs me 20$ a month. I restarted the server the other day and found that it had been up for more than 2 years. That means there is a lot of maintenance that should be done. Most important move it to an os-version that is not obsolete.

My problem now is that I do not have the amount of spare time that I had by the time setting this site up and the 20 $ per month hurts a little.

So, I can see a few options:

1) I close it down in March when the prepaid period at linode is over (say no, say no)

2) Someone likes the concept and wants to take over. (To develop it in any direction but free to use for anybody)

3) Someone want to corporate with me to get things happen

4) Someone wants to pay the cost for hosting (or has some other hosting option) and I will try to do the necessary maintenance

You can give a reply here or write a line to:

Also all feedback is welcome in the decision of closing down or continue and in what direction if continuing.