Nodejs, Websockets and TWKB

A short update about twkb, described in this earlier post

I have been doing some testing, sending the geometries from PostGIS to the client as twkb through a websocket.

This is the first time I have been playing with nodejs and websockets. It is really nice things.

Here is the demo:

Wait till the page is properly loaded, and click “Municipalities” or “Areal types”. then you should see the geometries start showing. It should start showing in the middle of the map and going outwards. The neat thing about that is that when you are zoomed in at any place in the map and click “Areal types” for instance, you will almost at once get the geometries where you are zoomed in.

But if you click Municipalities before the “Areal types” are finished, you will have to wait a few seconds. That is because all geometries of the first layer is already queued at the client, and I haven’t found any way to manipulate that queue.

To get the stream ordered by distance to the center of the map is only possible because the geometries is taken directly from the database.
The query for the Municipalities layer looks something like this:

SELECT kommunenr, ST_Astwkb(geom,3,kommunenr,'NDR') geom
FROM kom_geom
ORDER BY ST_Setsrid(ST_Point($1,$2),4326) geom;

where $1 and $2 is lat long from the center of the map.

I think it works pretty fast. Municipalities layer has 435 geometries and 149363 vertex-points in total, and the Areal types layer has 3553 geometries and 179025 vertex-points.

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