Some TWKB updates

Last week I gave my first talk about TWKB. One good thing about presenting what you are doing is that it makes you actually do it.

So, what is new?

  • TWKB is in PostGIS trunk! That means it will be included in PostGIS 2.2.
  • ID is optional in the spec. In the PostGIS implementation that means that if you don’t ad an ID there will be no space occupied for an ID. A minimal point is then only 4 bytes.
  • The one and only serialization method is VarInt, the same way as integers gets serialized in proto buffers.
  • I have added a quite generic javascript example of how to read twkb into a geoJSON object
  • The demo page is refreshed and php-examples is added to see the effect of compressing geoJSON compared to twkb. More about that in a separate blog post

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